Social Responsibility

Uno Fabbrica believes that its activity is an integral part of the economic, social and cultural environment to which it belongs. Therefore the Company participates to the growth of the territory from which comes from through an ethical and responsible conduct. So we want to adopt forms of behavior that respect the dignity of our employees and of our customers, satisfying their expectations, wants and needs. We also care about the respect of the environment and we want our working process to be ecologically compatible, and we base on this the choice of materials, the production methods, the management of waste and scraps.

Responsibility to customers

Listening to customers’ needs, trying to respond to every possible needs, thinking to clients as partners with which to build stable and continuous relationships, considering the economic relations as a source of mutual satisfaction, are concepts that we translate in the seriousness of our work, acting in accordance with the agreements taken, the delivery times and the quality performance.

Responsibility to suppliers.

We recognize the heritage of culture, expertise and passion that each supplier provides in working with us. We intend to build and maintain relationships that are respectful of the value and of the contribution of each part. Compliance with the contractual terms is a sign of this will.

Responsibility to employees and partners.

While trying to promote the expression of the skills of each partner and employee, we want to give value to every person, in order that they can work actively, positively and passionately. We also want to promote the economic health of each individual, taking into account the time they need for the best things of life.

Responsibility to the society.

Uno Fabbrica actively supports non-profit organizations within its territory.

Responsibility to Italy.

Uno Fabbrica considers itself, to all effects, as an exporter of Made in Italy. From the Italian heritage we want to promote the extraordinary humanistic excellence, fruit of centuries of culture, that has been expressed through the construction of places, pieces of art, cities and territories that have no equal in the world. This sense of beauty is not only a matter of aesthetic, but also a form of human desire; and it’s expressed daily in the quality and passion used in the work. Uno Fabbrica produces exclusively in Italy, with made in Italy materials.